You’re Stupid: Attack of the Jerkface Girl, Part 2

I love it when I get unsolicited updates like this. Remember our little miss can’t be wrong, Dusty Vag, in the last episode?

Here’s an update from our intrepid reporter on the street:

“Two more things came up recently that rubbed me the wrong way. First, she said the man needs to pay for everything. Of course. She also seemed fine making the man who pays for everything wait while she arrives late for a date. When asked why she didn’t just text him to say she’d be late, she said she didn’t want to give out her number. Second, she’s complaining about being unemployed because ‘it’s not fair, it’s not like I don’t want to work.’ This is a woman who spent a month at her parents’ place in Spain, instead of looking for a job. Ugh.”

Me: “Why are you hanging out with this asshole?”

“She’s my girlfriend’s housemate. And she owns the condo. And by own I mean her parents undoubtedly paid the $500,000 or so that it’s worth.”

“Tell ur gf to move.”

And now a little Joel McHale to sweeten your day:

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