‘What I Know for Sure…’

Now if you’ve been reading the EM site for a while now, you now know that I love’s me some O Magazine, the magazine by Oprah, for Oprah, featuring Oprah.

Live your best life, dammit.

Things that make this magazine great:

1. Despite any misconceptions, its feel-good atmosphere is not gimmicky or over-the-top or too high to aspire to. Oprah keeps it real and grounded and most of the advice is from very smart people who know what they’re talking about: Suze Orman, Dr. Oz, etc. I’ll leave that Dr. Phil to his own devices, but damnit, if I don’t agree with that dork’s advice, too.

2. Articles are written by real writers, mostly female writers, who command respect for their thoughtful prose. It doesn’t talk down to women, or belittle them, or make them think that they have only two things to wish for in life: A) A Man or B) To lose weight or change their looks somehow. In fact, O is all about embracing your spirit and that means embracing your goddamn self all the time, whether you like it or not.

3. Recommendations are reasonable—everything, again, tends to be fairly priced, not tacky, and within reach. Recipes are delicious and healthy.

4. It’s empowering. Really. Every month features people, mostly women, who have changed their lives for the better. It is about being accountable, proactive and making shit happen through mostly hard work, positive attitude and determination. No quick fixes or magic potions here, like “10 Steps to Sexier Sex in a Week” or “Flat Abs in a Month!” O says fuck that, and to that, I say amen.

5. It’s like a little piece of thoughtful meditation on bettering yourself and your life…and you know I also love’s me some self-help books. I just can’t help it, reading it is like a bunch of little fingers are pleasantly massaging my brain.

If you read O, you know that Oprah ends each issue with a little note called “What I Know for Sure.” And so, I thought I’d compile a list of 10 Things I Know For Sure, the Evil Molly Edition:

  1. Being around water feels good. And, according to my last issue of O, there’s scientific research to back this up. Apparently some ocean molecules, electro-static-y goodness fills the air, making us feel better, and has restorative healing powers. There’s a reason man has always gravitated toward the sea. Grab a towel and go swimming already!
  1. Yoga and meditation are not worthless hippy pursuits. If you do these practices consistently, you will feel an overall improvement to life—your physical self, your mental self, your concentration and ability to stay calm and problem solve.
  1. Be nice to yourself. If you’re not nice to you, who will be? Lead by example. That means eating good food, drinking lots of water, etc. Don’t do stuff to yourself that you wouldn’t want to see friends doing to themselves.
  1. Temporary “fixes” become torturous mountains eventually. If you find yourself reaching for a quick fix upon a stressful day (i.e. booze, pills, cupcakes, etc.) you’re digging yourself a hole. Better to get out now than later.
  1. This, too, shall pass. Almost nothing is as bad as it first seems. Life goes on. People forget. Remember that.
  1. Physical items are just that: Items. You can love something, like a car or book or pair of shoes, but remember, it’s just a thing. Not a person.
  1. Get outside more. Humans were not meant to sit inside all day long. Go ahead, converse with nature. See some shit.
  1. Make it a goal to meet more people and do things outside your comfort zone. This is the only space where any new learnings can come from.
  1. Don’t let people get away with bad behavior or taking advantage of you. I was raised to be a good, quiet girl, as I think most women are. And the “reward” to all this was that people would recognize what a sweet, hard worker and/or person you were and would reward you appropriately. What a bullshit concept cooked up by some man. This doesn’t happen in real life. You need to politely yet persistently speak your mind—and stand up for yourself constantly—even if you run the chance of being shot down or told off. As the old adage goes, if you don’t ask, you won’t receive. Oh, and red flags are red flags for a reason. Please do not ignore. On the flipside, if you mess up or wrong someone, own it, apologize and mean it like an adult.
  1. Everyone who is worth a shit has a few enemies floating around. Does it bother you when your FB friends’ status goes down? If someone refuses to come to your party? If so-and-so thinks your idea sucks? Who cares? Realizing that not everyone has to like you is pretty liberating.

Now go forth this pre-Solstice weekend and make good. Oh, and take a nap already. That helps everything feel better, too.