Random Thoughts that Occur at a Few Select Chosen Moments in my Day-to-Day Random Life

Thinking. I do it from time to time. Here are just a few random things I’ve been thinking about lately:

  1. I’m so over beards.
  2. Tiger Woods. I don’t have too many thoughts on this, except I am taking quite a little guilty pleasure in this seemingly all-too-perfect human being’s fall from grace. To quote my piece-of-shit ex-boyfriend on the state of the blessed union of matrimony, based on his take from the Ethan Hawke/Uma Thurman fallout: “This goes to prove no matter how hot a bitch is, eventually you’re gonna get sick of fucking her.” Wow, I can’t believe I let that gem slip through my fingers.
  3. Golf is a bullshit sport.
  4. Asshole couples. A-Rod and Kate Hudson are topping this list for me right now.
  5. Why do I get so turned on when I sit in the sauna/steam room at the gym? I really understand why gay guys work out all the time now…and I wish it were as easy for chicks to hook up as men. Seriously, if I had a thing for mildly overweight, saggy, old Jewish ladies, I’d be set.
  6. I’m not quite used to this washing my hair every other day vs. every day schedule that I am now trying to adjust to. Ladies, how do you do it?
  7. Where do babies come from? Oh, yeah.
  8. I am hyperlinking! I am hyperlinking!
  9. This is what it sounds like when the doves cry.
  10. I think you–yes you–really owe me an apology.

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  1. The steam room and sauna are both good. As long as people are responsible about wearing a towel. I really don’t need to see the junk and nutsack of the assistant auditor-in-chief of Bullshit Co. PLC.


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